Sony Mobile - WTA Estoril Open Boot 2012

The Challenge:

Sony Mobile was one of the major sponsors of Estoril Open ATP/WTA Tournament In 2012.
During the tournament Sony wanted to showcase the latest products and technologies from the Xperia line.

Cherry Top developed for Sony a state of the art boot were the visitors could taste the latest
technology from Sony and engage with Sony Brand in a innovative and interactive way



The Boot:

The Sony Mobile boot we developed for Sony was considered, by far, the best boot Sony ever
had in Estoril Open. The boot consisted on 3 Areas:

  1. Xperia Area - Present and demonstrate the New Xperia line products (S, P and); 
  2. Sony Interaction Area - the interaction of the Xperia products with other Sony Products, such as Bravia TV, Vaio computer, Sony Tablets and other NFC powered accessories from Sony Mobile;
  3. NFC Game Area - Interact and educate the visitors with a NFC based game called “Xperia Hot Shots – NFC Challenge”