EDP - Volta a Portugal 2012 - IPAD Interactive Game

The Challenge:
EDP,  the leading company in the energy sector in Portugal, was one of the main sponsors of the national cycling competition in 2012. Their ultimate goal with this sponsorship was to interact with the population and to "educate" the consumers in terms of improving a responsible behavior regarding the electricity consumption habits of the population at home.



Energy eficiency IPAD Game:

In order to bond with the populations during the tour EDP, along side with our partner WASUP, created a huge truck that was a landmark, at the end of every stage during the tour.
The truck main atraction was the Energetic efiiency game we created for EDP. The game had thousands of participants and was one of the highlights of the 2012 tour.
How the game worked:

The interactive Quiz consisted on a bicycle race, were the player needed o answer correctly to 5 questions regarding a proper energetic consumer behavior in order to succeed.
The questions were displayed in a big LCD screen, and the answers options were displayed in a IPAD that was in the hand of the player. LCD and Ipad  were connected by WI-FI LAN, generated by the CPU that was hosting the app in the back office.
If the player succeeded to win the challenge he automatically won a surprise prize that was handed to him with some mystery as the prize come out from a "hole" in the side of the truck and it was different in every succsseful game

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EDP - Volta a Portugal 2012 Ipad interactive game