Sony Mobile - NFC Interactive Game

The Challenge:

Within the context of Estoril Open 2012, one of the main objectives from Sony Mobile was to promote the NFC technology within their new Xperia line up portfolio. NFC technology, among other possibilities, allows interacting with other NFC devices including the recently launched Xperia Smart Tags.

Sony Mobile strived to promote and educate the public around the great capabilities of the NFC technology in its Xperia new Smartphones. Estoril Open was the perfect stage in Portugal to do so. 

In order to help Sony achiving this goals we developed an inovative interactive game based on the NFC Technology. The result was amazing.




The “Xperia Hot Shots – NFC Challenge” game,

This NFC powerd game called as we called Xperia Hot Shots – NFC Challenge  was a great success, with thousands of participations during the tournament 10 days.  This game managed to demonstrate  in a funny and innovative way, the interaction between the Xperia products with NFC and the Xperia smart tags. As far as we know this was the first time a NFC interactive game was developed using a Smartphone and smart tags.

How the Game worked

As the game was originally developed to be used within the WTA circuit  the “mask” for the interaction with the public was a “Tennis Game” with 200 questions about (1) WTA history, (2) tennis game  rules and about the (3) local tournament history.

The participant was  playing “against himself” So when he answered correctly to a question is scored 15 points to his favor (right side of the screen)  When he failed 15 points were scored against him (left side of the screen)

Game interaction was done using one Xperia with NFC and 4 Xperia tags, the Player selected an answer out of 3 by touching the tag A, B or C with the Smartphone device. Question and options were displayed in the screen.


The Technology we used

To implement the NFC Game the following hardware was used

  • One LCD Sony 40’’
  • Four NFC tags:
    • 3 tags (Linking to the App)– White, Blue and Red
    • 1 tag to start the game– Black
  • One Vaio Laptop that runed  the Game SW we developed – Vaio was hooked into a local Wireless LAN we created
  • One Xperia with NFC