What is the Dynamic Tag Engine?

Dynamic Tag Engine (DTE) is an innovative platform that reinvents the traditional QR Code.

With DTE you can create and manage your QR Codes in a professional way. Our QR Codes are tailored for a corporate usage as they will match perfectly your business needs.

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Why is Dynamic Tag Engine in the next level?

Dynamic Tag Engine gives you the access to the state if the art in terms of QR Code creation and management such as:

  • Create and manage Dynamic QR Codes - >Manage and Control your QR Codes with our Dynamic Tag Engine. Have absolute power over your tags and update the destination link every time you need.
  • Access to powerful real time analytics - Access to powerful real time analytics of your tags performance. Tags performance access data. Location and access time information. Devices used by consumers to access your tags.

  • Landing Page Editor and professional printing formats - If you need you can create a landing page for your Dynamic QR Codes. You can also download your QR Code in the format that best suits your needs. Possibility to order high resolution images for professional usage is an option we offer.

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Dynamic Tage Engine dashboard overview