Little Friend Finder


What is Little Friend Finder?


Little Friend Finder  Its an innovative way to give parents and educators an extra level of security in order to have their “little ones” always “under eye”.

In crowded environments children can be easily disorientated. In the beach, shopping mall, or Theme Park only a blink of an eye is needed for a child to be lost. That's why we have created Little Friend Finder!



How does Little Friend Finder Works?

Little Friend Finder is an integrated solution that uses a Branded bracelet with one of ours dynamic QR Codes in conjunction with a centralized web platform.

1. Bracelet with editable interactive tag

The Bracelet have editable QR code that is dynamic, this QR Code have all the relevant children information  to be scanned by a smartphone in case the child is lost. As the Code is dynamic this information can be updated  all the time. 
2. Little Friend Finder Web Platform
Little Friend Finder web platform is  the place were parents  will access to edit and update their children personal bracelet information. To access the platform each parent will receive, along with the bracelets pack, a unique access code that will allow them to enter their child personal area. Here they will manage to edit and update all the relevant information regarding their child.
Little Friend Finder is available for Corporations
The bracelets and web platform are open to be branded with your company image. Contact us for more information. With Little Friend Finder there is a lot for you benefit from:
  1. Bring exclusively  to your market an innovative relationship platform
  2. Increase your company good will
  3. Bundle it and create promotion opportunities with your products
  4. Opportunity to use it in conjunction with  Retail Costumer for sell in or sell out push.
  5. Potential to use it as Merchandising item




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Little Friend Finder

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