Remote Location System


Remote Location System - Presentation

Remote Location System (RLS) is a professional tool that enables companies from diferent industries  to keep track, at a global scale,  of  their company belongings.
RLS is simple to use but highly efficient and is an optimal solution for environments where other traditional radio and GPS tracking  devices are forbidden.
Remote Location System - How it Works
Remote Location System works using a combination of different elements according to the specificity of the industry and partner  in witch is being applied 
  • ID Interactive Tags - Dynamic QR Codes; Bar Codes, NFC Dynamic Tags or RFID
  • Scaning equipments  - Smartphones; Bar Codes reader or RFID Portics
  • System integration - According with each partner specific needs
  • RLS Software - RLS Software is the corner stone of our solution. From the scanning equipment to the  Backoffice tool, RLS software allows the user to access all the information he needs regarding the tracking of its company bellongings.


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Remote Location System