Passion for what we do

In Cherry Top we are focused on you. We Love what we do and we know that you will love it to! In order to make our projects work we give strong attention to your voice, we feel the pulse of the market you are in, and we add some magic coming from our imagination and expertise. We brainstorm a lot until we find the right formula and we enjoy discussing our ideas with you. We understand your needs. We make it happen on time and on Budget. In the end, all we want is to help you to succeed and to make you smile.


We Love our Family

At Cherry top we are proud to share a common DNA with our sister companies Monday Interactive Marketing and Trillium Interactive. With a track record of hundreds of successful campaigns and satisfied customers working with us since 2006 it’s easy to understand why global companies like Sony, EDP, M&MS and PepsiCo count on us.


Talended Team

Within our group we have the privilege of counting with a talented team that shares one dream. We want to bring new ideas to the world while helping you to succeed in your business. Along with our sister companies we share a pool of multicultural talents, from mature strategists to web designers and Software developers, with an international twist and the will to make things happen.